Tuesday, May 18, 2010

39 Plays?

Arden has just issued a new play, supposedly by the Bard, called Double Falsehood. It's allegedly an adaptation of Cardenio, a lost Shakespeare play that modern scholars would give their right hands to find. The Millions has a great essay on Double Falsehood and its history, calling it "Cardenio as adapted by Davenant as adapted by Theobald." At the moment, I'm thinking we'll stick to the canonical 38 plays instead. What do you think?

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  1. I personally plan to read it. Stumbled upon it a couple of days ago and ordered it through Barnes and Noble. Also wondered if we should include Edward III, which is not widely accepted as Shakespeare. We should probably just stick to the 38 that everyone agrees on, but we can still talk about these "new" ones, if the mood strikes us.
    BTW, I've just stumbled on this group and blog, and so far I love it. Thanks.