The "Shakespeare in a Year" Schedule

If you'd like to start a Shakespeare reading project of your own, consider this year-long reading schedule. Generally speaking, it moves from the Bard's early to late work, with an exception to keep the history plays in chronological order. Enjoy!

Week 1                         The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Week 2                         The Comedy of Errors
Week 3                         Titus Andronicus
Week 4                         “Venus and Adonis” and
                                        “The Rape of Lucrece”
Week 5                         The Taming of the Shrew
Week 6                         Love’s Labor’s Lost
Week 7                         King John
Week 8                         Romeo and Juliet
Week 9                         A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Weeks 10-13                Sonnets and
                                        “A Lover’s Complaint”                  
Week 14                       Richard II
Week 15                       Henry IV, Part I
Week 16                       Henry IV, Part II
Week 17                       The Merry Wives of Windsor
Week 18                       Henry V
Week 19                       Henry VI, Part I
Week 20                       Henry VI, Part II
Week 21                       Henry VI, Part III
Week 22                       Richard III
Week 23                       The Merchant of Venice
Week 24                       Much Ado About Nothing
Week 25                       Julius Caesar
Week 26                       As You Like It
Week 27                       A play by Christopher Marlowe,
                                      such as Dr. Faustus or The Jew of Malta
Week 28                       The Spanish Tragedy by Thomas Kyd
Week 29                       Hamlet
Week 30                       Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead 
                                      by Tom Stoppard
Week 31                       “The Phoenix and the Turtle”    
Week 32                       Twelfth Night
Week 33                       Troilus and Cressida
Week 34                       All’s Well that Ends Well
Week 35                       Measure for Measure
Week 36                       Othello
Week 37-38                  King Lear
Week 39                       Macbeth
Week 40                       Antony and Cleopatra
Week 41                       Coriolanus
Week 42                       Timon of Athens
Week 43                       Pericles           
Week 44                       Cymbeline
Week 45                       The Winter’s Tale
Week 46                       “A Funeral Elegy”
Week 47                       Henry VIII
Week 48                       The Two Noble Kinsmen
Week 49                       Edward III (non-canonical)
Week 50                       Double Falsehood (non-canonical)
Week 51                       Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare? 
                                        by James Shapiro
Week 52                       The Tempest