Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Real Shakespeare

Today is William Shakespeare's birthday--and, if you happen to live in Illinois, it's also Talk Like Shakespeare Day. This seems like a good day to remember that Shakespeare was a real, living, breathing person, not a pseudonym.

An upcoming film, "Anonymous," will make the case for Edward de Vere's authorship of Shakespeare's work. This really gets me steamed, so I'm trying to ignore the whole to-do as much as possible. But the film prompted this excellent column defending Shakespeare's authorship, and I wanted to share it with you all.

Can we all make a pact to completely ignore this ridiculous film, which might make the authorship conspiracy theories a topic of everyday conversation? The last thing I want is to say, "Hey, I'm reading the complete works of Shakespeare this year," and have everyone else say, "Hey, what's up with this Edward de Vere guy?" Nothing. Nothing is up with him at all. End of story.

Anyway, happy birthday, Will!


  1. Well said Ashley. Anyone who has studied Shakespeare and his plays know full well that William Shakespeare was the real author /playwright/poet of the works that rightfully carry his name.
    I ignore all these silly conspiracy theories to do with authorship of Shakespeare's plays, don't these people ever read contemporary sources of people like Ben Jonson who pay tribute to the genius of Shakespeare?
    Happy Birthday Will x

  2. Ashley, you can ignore it as much as you like. I know you would like it to go away and be the end of the story. Unfortunately, it is not the end of the story no matter how much you may wish for it. It is only the beginning with many chapters still to be written.

    Sadly, you are already attacking a film as ridiculous before it's even been released. How's that for an open mind?

    This debate will simply not go away until the truth is told, whether or not you choose to ignore it.

  3. How arrogant of Howard Schumann to suggest that his theory is somehow the truth. . Hardly an open mind hey?
    Shakespeare wrote his plays, some of them with contributions from other playwrights and some solely. There is plenty of primary source material to substantiate this fact. That is the truth of the matter so I will continue to ignore your ridiculous conspiracy theory and treat it with the contempt it deserves.